Quick tips to maintaining your healthy lifestyle

1⃣Eat breakfast. Preferably egg whites. 1. You eat less throughout the day. 2. Helps with binge eating. 3. Why not? 4. Keeps you feeling fuller

2⃣Eat regularly. Going too long between meals WILL make you binge eat!! Eating 3-4 hours per day helps . If you are a snacker; healthy snacks a must. Ie: peanuts, celery, rice cakes, turkey, chicken, eggs.

3⃣Cut the junk. The ups and downs that come with eating sugary snacks and simple carbohydrates cause extreme swings in energy level and mood. Cutting out these foods can be tough, but if you can resist for several days, your good to go!
If you must small portions of carbs help. Ie: brown rice, sweet potato, peanuts etc
4⃣eggs before bed !! A must !!

Carb cycling fitness for all you sugar addicts


Carb cycling is a great idea for those who struggle with sugar highs and lows. (ME!!!). Sound familiar ? I myself have tried fad diets like Adkins, weight watchers, and counting calories.
1⃣ weight watchers is great but it is extremely exhausting keeping track of points; and gets old quick. Then having to calculate everything .. PAIN!
2⃣Adkins was horrible for me. I hear about many success stories from it, that’s awesome, but for me it was way too little carbs and I felt like I had very little options to eat.
3⃣counting calories is stressful and it does not work ! That’s like saying I can eat a Big Mac or something under my calorie plan and I will lose weight ! Wrong!! And you will not feel full.

Food should be looked at as energy! What will get me through the day without crashing ? Or feeling like I need more sugar ?? That’s what you should be asking yourself!

ANSWER: healthy foods!! Less sugar. (I don’t even eat fruit in my diet) and I have more energy than I’ve ever had because the food I’m eating is healthy and provides immediate energy!

Carb cycling is higher carbs 3 days per week, and lower carb 4 days per week. With treat meals every 14 days. (No more than 800 calories on treat days). You will feel full and satisfied. Eating 6 small meals a day, plus eggs for breakfast will give you the best FAT LOSS results. Exercise should be 4/5 times per week with cardio and lifting combined.


meal prepping is best and pushing yourself in the gym each time will get you somewhere. Best results of your life!
I have always struggled with lots of diets, carb cycling is still eating and enjoying my hamburgers 3 days a week! (Minus bread). But you get the point. You should carb cycle for 8 weeks or until you get the results you desire.

If you aren’t losing fat YOU are doing something wrong.
Below is an example of a carb cycling diet I found on google just as an example. Have someone customize your meal plan. Tailored to your specific goals and work for it.


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I am ISSA certified in fitness nutrition. I am here to help!!

Eating Out While On Meal Plan/Diet; YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT && YES YOU CAN EAT THAT 😀😀😀

1⃣Serving sizes: stick to 6oz of meat
2⃣Side items: stick to GREENS.
3⃣Rice: small, small side (should be about a fist size portion)
4⃣Salad: in my opinion don’t even bother. But if you MUST, 8oz (about 2 fists fulls), the extra toppings and dressings always add lots of empty calories. That’s why I say skip it and replenish with a nutrient dense side item.
5⃣Fruits: 1/2 (or less) a cup is best.
6⃣Veggies: 1 cup for any.
7⃣Drinks: water, water, and more water
8⃣Stay away from meals that have many courses && toppings/garnishes.
9⃣SKIP THE BREAD. Don’t think you are safe if you eat a loaf of bread without butter. SKIP IT, skip it, skip it. Can’t say it enough.
✅TIP: if you pick up a piece of bread and put it on your napkin, if it feels greasy or leaves stains on the napkin, DON’T EAT IT. 🚫
🔟Don’t add butter, sauces, or additional condiments. Most of us pack on the pounds from the condiments alone.
✅If I eat a steak, I use the cap as my measurement for sauce. It is literally a dime size, but it does the trick.

Words to look for : 🚫🚫🚫 big time NO’s
1⃣AU Beurre (with butter)
2⃣ Tempura (battered and fried)
3⃣ breaded (oils and fried)

If you must eat it stick to the rules above. No extras, plain meat, no sauces. Side salads only, no toppings; small packet of dressing. Fries; 🚫🚫 no, stay away. Switch out for the salad.
Pizza; one slice. Dabbed with a napkin.
Chicken: grilled.
✅The problem with these foods is the sodium.
ALWAYS STICK TO SMALL PORTIONS; if you must eat the crap.

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Negativity Nancy’s < SUCCESS!

During my fitness journey too many people have been unsupportive. I mean, to the point that I’ve been told I’m “wasting my life away in the gym”. Or that I wasn’t going to be able to do it (as long as i have).

I have had more doubters than supporters. That’s okay with me!

1⃣ my goals are too high
2⃣ nutrition is important for life
3⃣ I enjoy every bit of the science behind everything I believe in
4⃣ overall well being is improved
5⃣ hopefully I can inspire others

Feel free to email me any time for help, motivation, advice! Anything !!

PS: believe in yourself long enough to keep the change constant 💪‼️