My rant about SHAKE diets 

For the past few months I have gotten many requests to try those shake diets . And again this is just my opinion, but you might actually find it informative if you are one of those people wasting your money away on these “quick fix diets”. I have previously written about this, but I wanted to touch on it a little bit as my inbox/email has become full of junk aka diets. 

1⃣ no matter what your goals are remember that diets when most of us think about them we think “ok I can do this for awhile get where I need to be and I’ll be fine”.. You might even be a little more ambitious and really want to stick to a diet for a long period of time. But what happens? You do it for awhile and then when you stop you end up right back where you started. 

It is best if you think of it as a LIFESTYLE change, not a diet.

A lifestyle change implies that it won’t be temporary, it will be long term and should be small changes at first, rather than jumping the gun from all carbs to practically none. 

Lifestyle changes often take pressure off a person because there is no time line unlike diets! Diets often tell us “only a month” “2 weeks I lost 8 lbs” .. That’s all fine at first, but when your faced with tough choices and don’t know the proper foods because you are so used to relying on a shake, some “magic pill”.. Then what?

2⃣ Replacing meals with shakes, bars, or pills can lead to bindges. Which is much worse. Furthermore, If you drop lower than 1200 calories your body will go into starvation mode and you will actually gain weight. Be careful. 

3⃣Shake diets do not teach you how to eat properly. All you are doing is replacing one bad habit with another one. I would actually feel better saying to take your time and educate yourself on food. FInd what works for you. Rather than a company telling you when and how much to eat. Companies can’t tell you when your hungry or when your full. ONLY YOU CAN

4⃣Most companies only want your money. They know if you lose weight at first that you will think you NEED this product to keep the weight off. But it is so much cheaper to just go to the grocery store and pick out the right foods rather than depending on some “quick fix”.

5⃣THE FINE PRINT: Works with diet and excersize. This gets me every time. Well DUHH because losing weight works with excersize without shakes, pills, bars. Imagine that! 

What happens when you stop taking a pill? Or shake? You lose yourself in the process because you failed to treat food as fuel. You used it as a quick fix. Faster the better. 🚫 wrong. Being healthy and fit happens over time not over night and you have to work at it every single day. Focus on the prize.


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