Some Hack’s to CUT CRAVINGS.. 

I’ve been doing a lot of research on this topic as this is a common question in the fitness world. How do I cut cravings?! Well, here’s a few things I’ve been trying, perhaps try it too. 

1⃣ soda: as a very heavy soda drinker at one point; this one I hold very dear to my heart as this has been happening quite frequently. It usually means you are lacking iron/calcium. So I often get my iron from nuts and red peppers.. And calcium from spinach. I am picky with food which leaves me with less options unfortunately.

2⃣chocolate: usually means your lacking magnesium. I haven’t craved this much but I would recommend a magnesium supplement. If you use the brand nature made always take 2⃣ as our bodies don’t absorb much.

3⃣PMS: zinc

4⃣ sugary foods: first I recommend butter coffee. Adding a small amount of grass fed butter to your morning will help with the highs and lows of sugar cravings. A lot of the time we crave sugar is because we eat shitty foods which makes our blood sugar spike.. Thus making it easier to give into cravings. If you are craving sweets I recommend a sweet potato. 


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