Paleo VS Bs

Here’s the deal: I was on an extremely difficult meal plan. It was great for the first month and a half but then what happens!?! LIFE HAPPENS. And I realize the plan I am on is impossible to follow unless you literally don’t work, go to the gym, and have much more time on your hands than a single mom with an almost 3 year old. 

Paleo it is! : if you struggle with a current plan, try paleo. In short, it cuts out sugar. 

Yes it’s difficult, the first three days I thought I was going to die. But once you make it past day 7 you will do fine. Promise. To be on a paleo diet. 

Simply put. I can also add in that I can eat chipotle. When making your plate, remember protein, fats, carbs. Even when eating out its the best way to think about a healthy meal. 

I am still learning, but as I learn I will share. Good luck!


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