throughout my fitness journey, you learn very quick that there is so much information constantly floating around and you cannot always believe what you hear or read. If you are serious about fitness and want to accomplish those goals it is important to get a coach who is knowledgable and certified.

Although my last coach was fantastic and I achieved my goals, unfortunately I spent way too much money on a meal plan and workout plan that’s not sustainable unless you don’t work. You don’t have a 2 year old at home! 

So I have currently set out to LEARN different plans, ideas, and foods to eat. As of right now I am trying a paleo diet, and I can eat! So many more options and chipotle is on my menu.

My advice is if something doesn’t work for you, make sure you express this to your coach. We are trained to modify your plan based on your needs! 

The more you have a willingness to learn what’s best and don’t give up. You will be successful. 

Please contact me with any questions. As I am now ISSA certified. 


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