How to beat the cardio blues!

1⃣ interval training is the best way to stay involved in your cardio workout ! The reason being is you won’t get bored! Imagine, staying at the same pace the entire time. 😴

2⃣ when I look at my time I look at it in increments of 10 mins. So for example if I am at 3 minutes I tell myself 7 minutes to go. Rather than telling myself 35 mins left! That’s so much more attainable when you break it down. 

3⃣ push yourself ! If you really feel like you absolutely hate cardio then make it interesting test your speed, test your distance, test your incline!!!!! You will be amazed what you can accomplish!

4⃣ focus on your feet. Don’t worry about the time ! That’s where people make a mistake they are so dreading that 45 mins they end up selling themselves short.

5⃣ be positive, be your biggest motivator!!

6⃣ bring a friend, challenge each other . Run a race for 10 minutes.

7⃣ water!!! Can’t express this enough most people think they will make it through their cardio with no water!! If you do, you aren’t pushing yourself hard enough. BE HONEST with yourself about how hard you are going!!

8⃣ this is a given: MUSIC, your playlists . Studies show that music and motivation go hand in hand. 

9⃣ if none of the above work and you really are having trouble BUY some new shoes!’ 😂😂😂 yes I said that !! Wanting to run in your new shoes is a huge motivator!!! 

You can do it!!! 


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