Beat The Gym Blues

Ok so you’ve made up your mind, your going to focus on your health and fitness and that’s it. Convincing yourself of this is the easy part, but following through is another story. Here is some things that have worked for me to stay motivated.
1⃣ change up your workout. If you do 2 major muscle groups per workout it can never get boring. Often times when I feel like I need to push myself I look for new things online to try. It’s great because it will push your limits and get you pumped to see the results.
2⃣ cardio, if I do cardio for 45 mins per workout, looking at the full 45 mins thinking “OMG I’m never going to make that; that’s gonna take forever”. If you break it down it’s so much easier, every time I pass 10 mins I just remind myself 10 more it works! Training your brain to think in smaller terms, shorter time periods you will find yourself flying through those cardio blues!
3⃣ trying new equipment: here are a couple tools I use at the gym (yes I bring my gym bag).

Ab wheel: this is a diagram of all the muscle you use using this simple ab wheel. Cost: $6.00. Even if you use it 15 mins per day for a small workout you’ll feel it in your core.

Leg strap for cable machine: this is my favorite little price of equipment because it’s easy to use and it will get your heart rate up and those calories burned. In the picture below is an example of how the strap is used.




4⃣ make sure you eat something at least 40 mins before your workout. Lots of people make the mistake of not eating and they get fatigued easily. Don’t let this happen to you. Drink plenty of water and FOCUS.

Speaking of focus
5⃣ pre workout. I use the one pictured, but find one that works for you. I swear by this stuff and my workouts wouldn’t be the same without it!


6⃣ if you’ve read this far (thank you!) lastly and most important in any workout (in my opinion) is a heart rate monitor watch. It is the best and only way to accurately count the calories you burn during a work out! I do not leave home without it! 😂

If none of these help your blues DONT GIVE UP. Buy some new workout clothes or a pair of good nikes. When I feel low nothing helps me pump through the gym like lookin good in a new pair of leggings or shoes!! 😀💪

Feel free to email me if you need more motivation.



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