Booty workout 

20x walking lunges (weighted)

back and fourth 4 times on a long hallway

Split squats: 5 sets of 5

Cable weight kick backs: 10 sets of 5 (weight of your choice)

Plate walks over head lunges as many as possible

Leg curl (machine)

Curtesy squats: 5 sets of 15

Squats using ab abductor machine


My rant about SHAKE diets 

For the past few months I have gotten many requests to try those shake diets . And again this is just my opinion, but you might actually find it informative if you are one of those people wasting your money away on these “quick fix diets”. I have previously written about this, but I wanted to touch on it a little bit as my inbox/email has become full of junk aka diets. 

1⃣ no matter what your goals are remember that diets when most of us think about them we think “ok I can do this for awhile get where I need to be and I’ll be fine”.. You might even be a little more ambitious and really want to stick to a diet for a long period of time. But what happens? You do it for awhile and then when you stop you end up right back where you started. 

It is best if you think of it as a LIFESTYLE change, not a diet.

A lifestyle change implies that it won’t be temporary, it will be long term and should be small changes at first, rather than jumping the gun from all carbs to practically none. 

Lifestyle changes often take pressure off a person because there is no time line unlike diets! Diets often tell us “only a month” “2 weeks I lost 8 lbs” .. That’s all fine at first, but when your faced with tough choices and don’t know the proper foods because you are so used to relying on a shake, some “magic pill”.. Then what?

2⃣ Replacing meals with shakes, bars, or pills can lead to bindges. Which is much worse. Furthermore, If you drop lower than 1200 calories your body will go into starvation mode and you will actually gain weight. Be careful. 

3⃣Shake diets do not teach you how to eat properly. All you are doing is replacing one bad habit with another one. I would actually feel better saying to take your time and educate yourself on food. FInd what works for you. Rather than a company telling you when and how much to eat. Companies can’t tell you when your hungry or when your full. ONLY YOU CAN

4⃣Most companies only want your money. They know if you lose weight at first that you will think you NEED this product to keep the weight off. But it is so much cheaper to just go to the grocery store and pick out the right foods rather than depending on some “quick fix”.

5⃣THE FINE PRINT: Works with diet and excersize. This gets me every time. Well DUHH because losing weight works with excersize without shakes, pills, bars. Imagine that! 

What happens when you stop taking a pill? Or shake? You lose yourself in the process because you failed to treat food as fuel. You used it as a quick fix. Faster the better. 🚫 wrong. Being healthy and fit happens over time not over night and you have to work at it every single day. Focus on the prize.

Some Hack’s to CUT CRAVINGS.. 

I’ve been doing a lot of research on this topic as this is a common question in the fitness world. How do I cut cravings?! Well, here’s a few things I’ve been trying, perhaps try it too. 

1⃣ soda: as a very heavy soda drinker at one point; this one I hold very dear to my heart as this has been happening quite frequently. It usually means you are lacking iron/calcium. So I often get my iron from nuts and red peppers.. And calcium from spinach. I am picky with food which leaves me with less options unfortunately.

2⃣chocolate: usually means your lacking magnesium. I haven’t craved this much but I would recommend a magnesium supplement. If you use the brand nature made always take 2⃣ as our bodies don’t absorb much.

3⃣PMS: zinc

4⃣ sugary foods: first I recommend butter coffee. Adding a small amount of grass fed butter to your morning will help with the highs and lows of sugar cravings. A lot of the time we crave sugar is because we eat shitty foods which makes our blood sugar spike.. Thus making it easier to give into cravings. If you are craving sweets I recommend a sweet potato. 

Paleo VS Bs

Here’s the deal: I was on an extremely difficult meal plan. It was great for the first month and a half but then what happens!?! LIFE HAPPENS. And I realize the plan I am on is impossible to follow unless you literally don’t work, go to the gym, and have much more time on your hands than a single mom with an almost 3 year old. 

Paleo it is! : if you struggle with a current plan, try paleo. In short, it cuts out sugar. 

Yes it’s difficult, the first three days I thought I was going to die. But once you make it past day 7 you will do fine. Promise. To be on a paleo diet. 

Simply put. I can also add in that I can eat chipotle. When making your plate, remember protein, fats, carbs. Even when eating out its the best way to think about a healthy meal. 

I am still learning, but as I learn I will share. Good luck!


throughout my fitness journey, you learn very quick that there is so much information constantly floating around and you cannot always believe what you hear or read. If you are serious about fitness and want to accomplish those goals it is important to get a coach who is knowledgable and certified.

Although my last coach was fantastic and I achieved my goals, unfortunately I spent way too much money on a meal plan and workout plan that’s not sustainable unless you don’t work. You don’t have a 2 year old at home! 

So I have currently set out to LEARN different plans, ideas, and foods to eat. As of right now I am trying a paleo diet, and I can eat! So many more options and chipotle is on my menu.

My advice is if something doesn’t work for you, make sure you express this to your coach. We are trained to modify your plan based on your needs! 

The more you have a willingness to learn what’s best and don’t give up. You will be successful. 

Please contact me with any questions. As I am now ISSA certified. 

How to beat the cardio blues!

1⃣ interval training is the best way to stay involved in your cardio workout ! The reason being is you won’t get bored! Imagine, staying at the same pace the entire time. 😴

2⃣ when I look at my time I look at it in increments of 10 mins. So for example if I am at 3 minutes I tell myself 7 minutes to go. Rather than telling myself 35 mins left! That’s so much more attainable when you break it down. 

3⃣ push yourself ! If you really feel like you absolutely hate cardio then make it interesting test your speed, test your distance, test your incline!!!!! You will be amazed what you can accomplish!

4⃣ focus on your feet. Don’t worry about the time ! That’s where people make a mistake they are so dreading that 45 mins they end up selling themselves short.

5⃣ be positive, be your biggest motivator!!

6⃣ bring a friend, challenge each other . Run a race for 10 minutes.

7⃣ water!!! Can’t express this enough most people think they will make it through their cardio with no water!! If you do, you aren’t pushing yourself hard enough. BE HONEST with yourself about how hard you are going!!

8⃣ this is a given: MUSIC, your playlists . Studies show that music and motivation go hand in hand. 

9⃣ if none of the above work and you really are having trouble BUY some new shoes!’ 😂😂😂 yes I said that !! Wanting to run in your new shoes is a huge motivator!!! 

You can do it!!! 

Beat The Gym Blues

Ok so you’ve made up your mind, your going to focus on your health and fitness and that’s it. Convincing yourself of this is the easy part, but following through is another story. Here is some things that have worked for me to stay motivated.
1⃣ change up your workout. If you do 2 major muscle groups per workout it can never get boring. Often times when I feel like I need to push myself I look for new things online to try. It’s great because it will push your limits and get you pumped to see the results.
2⃣ cardio, if I do cardio for 45 mins per workout, looking at the full 45 mins thinking “OMG I’m never going to make that; that’s gonna take forever”. If you break it down it’s so much easier, every time I pass 10 mins I just remind myself 10 more it works! Training your brain to think in smaller terms, shorter time periods you will find yourself flying through those cardio blues!
3⃣ trying new equipment: here are a couple tools I use at the gym (yes I bring my gym bag).

Ab wheel: this is a diagram of all the muscle you use using this simple ab wheel. Cost: $6.00. Even if you use it 15 mins per day for a small workout you’ll feel it in your core.

Leg strap for cable machine: this is my favorite little price of equipment because it’s easy to use and it will get your heart rate up and those calories burned. In the picture below is an example of how the strap is used.




4⃣ make sure you eat something at least 40 mins before your workout. Lots of people make the mistake of not eating and they get fatigued easily. Don’t let this happen to you. Drink plenty of water and FOCUS.

Speaking of focus
5⃣ pre workout. I use the one pictured, but find one that works for you. I swear by this stuff and my workouts wouldn’t be the same without it!


6⃣ if you’ve read this far (thank you!) lastly and most important in any workout (in my opinion) is a heart rate monitor watch. It is the best and only way to accurately count the calories you burn during a work out! I do not leave home without it! 😂

If none of these help your blues DONT GIVE UP. Buy some new workout clothes or a pair of good nikes. When I feel low nothing helps me pump through the gym like lookin good in a new pair of leggings or shoes!! 😀💪

Feel free to email me if you need more motivation.